yogurt and chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels

here is another post for the spring breakers recipe challenge. and today’s recipe is a sweet treat! i hope you like yogurt, and strawberries, and pretzels, and chocolate :)

caycsap 4

Yogurt and Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Pretzels

(serves many ;)





plain greek yogurt



vanilla extract


Take out the leaves from the strawberries and set aside with the pretzels. Melt the chocolate (see notes below on how to melt), set aside. Mix the rest of the ingredients (tsp honey, 1/4 tsp vanilla, tsp sugar, 2-3 tbsp yogurt) and set in a bowl.

Start by dipping the strawberries in the yogurt about half the batch, and the res tin the chocolate. Then do the tame with the pretzels. To prevent a messing dipping experience, i would drop the pretzel in the mix then with a toothpick , pick it up and set it on a plate. Place the yogurt and chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels in the freezer for about 10-20 minutes. And then you are done. woohoo. try it out people, it is amazing, especially if you don’t burn the chocolate :)

to melt chocolate: I totally burned mine in the microwave. do not just stick it in the microwave. put your chocolate (in my case are chocolate chips, if you have a bar that’s fine too) and then in the bowl add about a tablespoon of water. place in the microwave for 30 sec and mix, if its still not a creamy consistency then put 30 more seconds.

caycsap 5

add sprinkles for more fun.

fun fact: Yogurt covered pretzels are my favorite snacks to get on the go. ever since i have become healthier and stopped eating fast food (or processed in this case) i haven’t been able to eat them. So creating this recipe was awesome because i get a healthier version of one of my favorite treats. next up: swedish fish LOL


motivation to keep going + things to remember on your healthy journey

once you get rolling on your weight loss journey you will face bad days and good ones. days where you are on a roll, eating healthy, exercising, losing weight, and others where you cheat, are too lazy to workout, and don’t know why you should keep going. You ask yourself questions like “Is it worth it?” “Do I really need to lose weight/be healthier?”

“It’s just one bite….”

It’s moments like these that people always talk about on their journeys to being healthy and/or losing weight. They have become unmotivated and uninterested in the goals that once moved them. How do they get the strength to keep going?

You guys need to get motivated. Here are some ways I get motivated:

1) looking at motivational pics on tumblr.

i can do this

I always get revved up for a workout (or just my day in general) after finding motivational pictures. They can be little quotes or pictures of your dream body that remind you to stay strong.

2) I especially find motivation from before and afters.

Sometimes, the name of the person in the photo is given and you can go to there blog and see the advice and tips that they give. For example, the picture above is from Sharee @ FuneralForMyFat

I wear black when I workout because it’s a funeral for my fat.

Check her out on twitter | tumblr | youtube

She gives me motivation because what she did was real and it makes me feel like it is possible!

3) Think about how hard it is to deal with your unhealthy habits. Think about how accomplished you will feel when you overcome them. You know being healthier won’t solve all your issues, but it will help you overcome personal ones you have with your body image.


Things to remember

Being healthier and losing weight takes time and you have to realize..
first ruleno progress

You aren’t looking for a quick fix, but a permanent change you can live with forever!

Make every choice count.

If you decide to workout, workout hard. When you eat, eat clean all the time.

This months diet is next months body.

today for tomorrow

If you only buy healthy foods, you will only eat healthy foods.

yummy salad

By staying motivated, eating clean, working out, and changing your unhealthy habits, you will get to where you want to be!


results will come.


apple pie

this pie.

apple pie 14

look at that.

the golden top.

apple pie 15

the ooey, gooey, warm center.

this is my apple pie recipe, part 3 of the spring breakers challenge! if you are looking for a healthier version of apple pie, this is it. and this is amazing. it wasn’t that hard to make, and it was loved by everybody.

it was also served a la mode! Vanilla ice cream recipe coming soon ;)

apple pie 17

Apple Pie

(serves 8-10)


for the crust

2-3/4c all purpose flour
1/2c coconut oil
3/4c milk
1tsp of salt

for the filling

2-3 cups of chopped (and peeled, optional) apples
1/4c honey
2tbsp of brown sugar
1tbsp lemon juice
2tsp of cinnamon
1/4c flour


first, we are starting with the dough/pie crust. you want to get the pan you are putting the pie in and put olive oil or a cooking spray to keep it from sticking to the pan. then add 1/8c of flour (not part of the 2-3/4c of flour in the ingredients.) and cover the pan evenly.

apple pie 2

add the flour and the salt in a mixing bowl and mix together.

apple pie 1

then add in the oil and the milk.

apple pie 3apple pie 4

next, use your hands to mix it together into a firm dough.

apple pie 5

place it on cling wrap and push it down a bit. then cover it with another piece of cling wrap and stick it in the freezer for a bit. after about 10 minutes, take it out, flatten it, and place it on the pan. flatten it out, but not too thin so it won’t break.

apple pie 6

cut out the extra pieces of dough and place those back on the cling wrap and into the fridge. in the freezer, stick the pan with the dough on it.

apple pie 7

preheat the oven to 350F. and in the meantime, mix all the ingredients for the filling in a separate bowl.

take out the pie from the freezer, and the extra dough from the fridge. pour the apples and mixture onto the pan.

apple pie 8

cut out thin strips from the dough and cover the apple pie. you can do the lattice stripes design or just a plain one. there are so many ways to decorate pie.

apple pie 9

OPTIONAL BUT RECCOMENED. to get a golden color on the pie, mix one egg and a tablespoon of milk together and brush it on the dough on top of the pie. this way, the pie gets a golden color out of the oven.

Place it in the oven for an hour.

This pie is great for thanksgiving and for apple-pie-obssessed-grandparents haha.

apple pie 16

we served it to everybody with a vanilla ice cream. recipe soon!

Hope you guys liked this recipe!



another recipe in one day. AHHHH. this is madness!



today I am going to show you this wonderful pancake topper ‘applesauce’ type thing.

pancake 8


above with the applesauce is buttermilk pancakes yum!

this recipe is very simple. let’s get started.


(about 8oz of sauce)

the calories are just based on the apple you used and if you add sugar or not.


an apple
sugar OPTIONAL- for those of you with a sweet tooth


cut the apple

applej 1

and put it in a blender with a tsp of cinnamon and one tablespoon of water.

applej 2 applej 3 applej 4

mix, mix, mix. add more water if needed, but too much will water it down (ew) and you’re DONE! super easy right.

applej 5


a great topping or great just to eat it yourself!


buttermilk pancakes

gooooooooood morningg readers. today is the second installment of the Spring Breakers Recipe Challenge (yay)

today we have

pancake 7

buttermilk pancakes

no not the ones that you buy at the supermarket or at a restaurant. the ones you make at home that are healthier (and taste better)

they are so good. you can”t resist. hopefully, i caught you before breakfast so you can try them right away!

if not, breakfast for dinner isn’t frowned upon where I live. haha.

pancake 9

Buttermilk Pancakes

(serves 1)

depending on brands, these pancakes are about 346 calories (not kidding. but you won’t need anything else for breakfast trust me)


1/3c flour
1/3c milk
1/8tsp baking soda
1/4tsp baking powder
a bit of salt
3/4tbsp coconut oil
2 tbsp rolled oats
1/2tsp of vanilla extract
2 tsp of sugar


combine all the dry ingredients in a box and mix well

pancake 1

then add in the wet ones.

pancake 2pancake 3

(I also added apple into my pancake mix!)

heat the pan to medium heat and add cooking spray, oil, butter to help the pancakes from sticking to the pan.(i use coconut oil)

pancake 5

pour a third of the batter and then flip when its ready. pretty sure you guys know how to make pancakes :p

pancake 6 pancake 4

this should make 3 medium pancakes. for thinner and more pancakes, add more milk.

Hope you guys love them! You can add fruits for extra flavor in the batter. and as a topping you can add cinnamon, peanut butter.

pancake 8

or my most favorite homemade syrup EVER. (recipe to follow this post)



banana creme pie

hey spring breakers. speaking of spring breakers, have you seen that movie yet? it just came out. i bet it wasn’t cool because they don’t have recipes daily, ha.


here is the official first, spring breakers recipe! because that’s what i am calling this challenge.

doesn’t that look delicious! if you love banana and peanut butter. this recipe is definitely one for you.

banana creme pie (4)


(raw) Banana Creme Pie 

(can be lactose free)

(serves 8-10)

an 1/8 of the pie is 175 calories, the piece pictured above is 88



for the filling

3.5 (frozen) bananas
1/2tbsp vanilla extract
1/3c milk or less (OPTIONAL- i had to use this to help blend the bananas)

for the crust

3/4c (ground) almonds (or any other nut)
1/4 melted peanut butter (or any other nut butter)



Freeze the bananas for about an hour. Get your almonds and put them through a blender to ground them, you should have 3/4c. Next mix the melted peanut butter and the almonds together on a pie pan. It may be sticky and gooey so be careful. evenly coat the pan. You may need more or less ‘crust ingredients’ to fill your pan. (My pan had a diameter of about 9in.) Stick the pan in the freezer to harden the crust. Take out the bananas and stick all the ‘filling ingredients’ in a blender. If you find it hard to mix the bananas, add small amounts of milk at a time. After about fifteen minutes, take the pie crust out and pour on the frozen bananas. freeze for another thirty-forty minutes before serving.

*store in the freezer when you are done. Make sure that you take it out fifteen minutes before you are about to serve it to let the pie thaw a bit.



banana creme pie (3)