banana creme pie

hey spring breakers. speaking of spring breakers, have you seen that movie yet? it just came out. i bet it wasn’t cool because they don’t have recipes daily, ha.


here is the official first, spring breakers recipe! because that’s what i am calling this challenge.

doesn’t that look delicious! if you love banana and peanut butter. this recipe is definitely one for you.

banana creme pie (4)

(raw) Banana Creme Pie 

(can be lactose free)

(serves 8-10)

an 1/8 of the pie is 175 calories, the piece pictured above is 88


for the filling

3.5 (frozen) bananas
1/2tbsp vanilla extract
1/3c milk or less (OPTIONAL- i had to use this to help blend the bananas)

for the crust

3/4c (ground) almonds (or any other nut)
1/4 melted peanut butter (or any other nut butter)


Freeze the bananas for about an hour. Get your almonds and put them through a blender to ground them, you should have 3/4c. Next mix the melted peanut butter and the almonds together on a pie pan. It may be sticky and gooey so be careful. evenly coat the pan. You may need more or less ‘crust ingredients’ to fill your pan. (My pan had a diameter of about 9in.) Stick the pan in the freezer to harden the crust. Take out the bananas and stick all the ‘filling ingredients’ in a blender. If you find it hard to mix the bananas, add small amounts of milk at a time. After about fifteen minutes, take the pie crust out and pour on the frozen bananas. freeze for another thirty-forty minutes before serving.

*store in the freezer when you are done. Make sure that you take it out fifteen minutes before you are about to serve it to let the pie thaw a bit.


banana creme pie (3)


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