About Me


I am Priscilla and I am on a journey to a healthier me. I used to eat really unhealthy; processed foods, fast foods, and sweet treats all the time along with over sized portions and almost not fruits and vegetables.

Today,  I am a much happier and healthier person. I eat fruits and veggies all the time, I don’t eat fast food, I eat little to no processed foods and sweet treats? I still have them, ALL THE TIME. They come mostly in the form of fruits though.

I love finding recipes online and creating my own. I publish them here on my blog, along with helpful articles, and my own personal progress.

Being healthy comes with its benefits, after eating healthier and doing regular exercise (3-6x a wk) since January 1, 2013 i have lost 16.4 lbs. 

If you want a simple, cheap, but exciting way to be healthier, please read my blog and be sure to keep updated by subscribing/following.

Stay healthy guys,


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